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Reasons to elect Mike Hendricks for Hill County Judge

The March 4th, 2014 Republican Primary vote for Hill County Judge is a pivotal time for Hill County.

A pivotal time when we elect to remain unwilling to change, in a reactionary mode to inevitable growth, and continuing to embrace our past business-model (circa 1836)


when we elect to be proactive, invite innovation, and become a leader within Texas.

Over the past 10 years, I have systematically studied our current county government in detail. The results of my long term study clearly show there is a glaring need to implement better and more efficient business practices with proactive and objective leadership from the Hill County Commissioners Court. These changes will:

  • Take advantage of the readily available developmental potential for our county that is bisected by the I-35 corridor.
  • Capitalize on the wealth of opportunities that lie within our reach.
  • Better utilize our scarce taxpayer dollars, preventing waste and lost opportunities.
  • Result in Hill County being one of the best managed counties in Texas.

The primary duty of the county judge is to “preside” over the Hill County Commissioners Court. The county judge is essentially the “rudder” that steers county government. I believe that Hill County is in desperate need of better leadership – a new leadership that is both proactive and objective. So what does proactive and objective leadership look like in implementation? My proactive and objective leadership would implement:

  • Public servant Leadership style that is “of the people, by the people, for the people”. People will always be our most valuable asset. The Unit-Road System was voted in by a 61% to 39% landslide vote. Yet, with an entire year to implement the new roads and bridge management system, the current leadership has failed to plan and properly put even the semblance of a unit system into practice. Essentially, they have totally ignored your vote and the “will of the people”. As Hill County Judge, I pledge to never ignore the “will” of Hill County voters.
  • Form panels of elected & appointed county officials, educators, business & agricultural leaders to provide solutions to challenges like: Economic development; Better road systems; Sheriff Office staffing; ESD; Justice of the Peace boundary areas; Feral hog problems; Pet overpopulation; Others.
  • Establish the Hill County Resources Panel that meets quarterly and includes all 13 elected Hill County mayors. The purpose of this panel is to help county government better utilize ALL the resources of the county.
  • Create steering groups to develop strategies to spur economic growth in the county.
  • Re-establish the Information Technology (IT) users group to better utilize current and/or new IT resources.
  • Revitalize the Information Technology (IT) program by publishing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to scrutinize and evaluate available solutions to the currently inadequate Hill County IT program (please visit my website for details).
  • Avoid unnecessary tax increases that can devastate rural agriculture communities.
  • Enable elected county officials to manage their approved budget.
  • Institute budgetary management practices and off-the-shelf programs that provide:
  • Better budget forecasting.
  • Workforce planning and forecasting.
  • Greater transparency of the budget to Hill County citizens so they can know and understand how their tax dollars are being spent.
  • Create an assessment procurement panel (made up of capital equipment users) to prioritize spending to avoid past subjective and politically motivated purchases (go to for dedails).

As your County Judge, I will be your FULL TIME elected official prepared to give 100% of my efforts to improve the well being of the citizens of Hill County.I am committed to make our county government transparent. Under my leadership, the county books will be open, accessible, and understandable to our citizens. That enables you, as a taxpayer, to use that information to make informed decisions and hold our county government accountable.

I wholeheartedly believe that together, as a team, we can make Hill County grow into the best managed county in Texas. I will always keep the “best for Hill County” in mind and realize that your tax dollars are a scarce resource that must be effectively and judiciously managed.Your vote on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 is needed to change the way business is conducted by our county government and I respectively ask you for me, Mike Hendricks, for Hill County Judge.

Please contact me at anytime and/or visit and to stay abreast of my campaign..


Mike Hendricks for Hill County Judge
5th Generation Hill County Family (farm established 1852)